About Us

Bourne Hall Dental Practice has been open since July 2007 and is a well equipped, a modern surgery practice within the confines of the Bourne Hall Medical Centre. We have five general dental practitioners, two hygienists who attend on a Tuesday and Friday as well as a visiting oral surgeon. The practice aims to provide both NHS and affordable private dental care in a friendly, relaxed but professional manner to a high standard. We have practitioners who have interests in sedation, implants, cosmetic dentistry as well as experience in all round general care for the whole family from child to parent to grandparent. To help and assist them in this task, we have a helpful and experienced team of receptionists and nurses. For all of us – our first and main aim is quality and professional patient care and how to achieve this to the best of possible standards at all times.

Our Team

Gemma, Helen, Lauren, Katie, Anna, Meg and Wendy

What we offer:

  • Our aim is to provide quality, affordable care in a patient centred environment. We believe in compassionate care and working together with patients to deliver excellence.
  • We offer treatment appropriate to the needs of the patient and we will discuss both the Private and NHS options with you.
  • We will always take on board what your wishes are for yourself and we will accompany you gently through the journey that your treatment takes.
  • Bourne Hall Medical Centre plays a central role in the healthcare services to the local community and we at Bourne Hall Dental Practice are proud to play a vital role in that care.
  • Our dentists regularly undertake post-graduate training to ensure their knowledge is up to date.
  • We are also a training practice for recently graduated Foundation Dentists in their first year post-qualification.

We expect our patients to:

  • Try and be diligent with their oral care. We would like them to take time as advised to clean and maintain their teeth and make the necessary changes to their diet or lifestyle to ensure minimal problems arise for the future.
  • To treat all our colleagues at the surgery in the manner they would wish to be treated. Abusive or violent behaviour will not be accepted in any way.
  • To attend duly at the time of their appointment and if unable to do, so then to give as much notice as possible of cancellations. Whilst emergencies do arise if time is repeatedly wasted or appointments missed - it may affect the service possible.
  • To give us feedback on how our services are or indeed how we could improve them. We have Patient Satisfaction Survey forms at the reception or you can simply fill out the form on our website under the Feedback section